Random Life 12.9.2017 episode #23

Renazin tunnelmia Ruotsista! Lähetyksessä kuullaan ruotsalaisen Off The Meds -yhtyeen, nousevan artistin Satutinin sekä grime-legenda Flowdanin haastattelut.

Kuuntele koko lähetys alta!

Alla Flowdanin haastattelu erikseen!


kaikki soittolistat lisätään tänne Radio Helsinki !

Random Life x Cherrie

Last Tuesday we were celebrating Radio Helsinki’s birthday at Tavastia and one of the main guests of the night was talented Swedish-based artist Cherrie. Her song Tabanja has been one of our favorite songs from last year, so it was more than dope to meet her before the show. And here is our chat! Let us know what you think! 🙂

Random Interviews: Seinabo Sey

Last tuesday I got a chance to meet talented Swedish artist Seinabo Sey. We had a short chat with her few hours before her sold out gig at Tavastia club.

We talked about her debut album Pretend, new music and the story behind rapping on the Höru Mej Bae remix. I Also asked her opinion on the ongoing conversations about the immigration policies and refugee crisis that Sweden and other European countries are having at the moment. Does she think that she has to participate on the debate or will these topics influence her music in the future?

Here is the convo! Let us know what you think?! 🙂

– Renaz