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Random Life 30.9.2017 episode #30

Random Life oli mukana Lähiöfest2017-viikonloppuna ja teimme ohjelman SafKa – K-Market@Lähiöfest2017 -ravintolasta! Neljä tuntia suorana Vuosaaren lukiolta! Vieraina oli muun muassa artisti ja vloggaaja Hassan Maikal ja monia festarin tekijöitä.

Kuuntele koko lähetys alta!



Levy: Jhene Aiko – Trip

Tapahtumat: all good soundsystem – The Neptunes Tribute


kaikki soittolistat lisätään tänne Radio Helsinki !

Random Music: New Music Videos, Ladies rule the week!

This week was all about the ladies in music BIZZNESS! Here are some videos that caught our eye this past week. What do you think? 🙂

Iggy Azalea – Team

Iggy is back, and finally with something worth sharing. She looks good and the song ain’t that bad either.. She’s been in the middle of a shitstorm for some time now, so we kinda hope that this is her “I got my shit together ” anthem. #onecanonlywish

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

Well HELLO ARIANA GRANDE! Her 3rd album is on it’s way and the lead single of the album is definitely showing us that the cute Nickelodeon star is all grown up now. Song is great and shows her amazing vocals and the video is sexy and very seductive.

Rihanna – Kiss it better

Rihanna’s Kiss it better video came out yesterday and the world went nuts. The super duper HOT video is all you would expect from Rihanna at this point and I mean it in a good way. She is doing her and doesn’t give a fuck about anything anyone has to say. Her life, her body, her rules! Can’t argue with that now can we! 😉

Jhené Aiko – B’s + H’s

Dope song and a dope video! #nuffsaid!

IVY PARK SS16 – Beyoncé ‘Where is your park’

This is not a music video, but it’s QUEEN BEY! She launching a new fitness wear brand yesterday and of course it came out with some cool visuals, like the video above. Def made me want to get out off the couch!